Disability Care

Making Life Easier

Local, Trusted, Home Care in Herefordshire Since 1998

Disability Care

Making Life Easier

Local, Trusted, Home Care in Herefordshire Since 1998

Trusted Live-in Disability Home Care in and around Herefordshire

Total Living Care is one of the original live-in care providers and has been providing live-in disability care throughout England & Wales from our Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire base for more than 20 years.

TLC is owned and operated by a fully qualified nurse (RGN) with over 30 years of experience. We ensure all of our carers are DBS checked and experienced in providing care. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (provider ID 1-1520389628) and have an exemplary record in providing high-quality live-in home care.  

If you need a local, in-home disability care provider, Total Living Care is the obvious choice. With prices starting from just £112 per day (£784 per week), we provide a cost effective service that does not compromise on quality.

Why Choose Total Living Care?

Delivered over 1 million hours of care

Over 20 years of experience

All carers DBS checked

Provider partner to local government

Registered & trusted by the CQC

Live-in home care from just £784 per week

What is Disability Care?

As the disability may well be extremely frustrating for the client, our carers always try to help them do as much as they can for themselves whilst maintaining full support where and when needed.

We often find that this personal help is really beneficial and gives extra confidence.

Who is eligible for disability care?

A disability is a reduced ability and difficulty with everyday activities. You’re disabled under the Equality Act 2010 if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities.

Total Living Care provides 24 hour care to clients in their own homes throughout Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire and surrounding counties

Disability Care with TLC 

You can be registered disabled under the Equality Act 2010 if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities. 

A disability can present daily challenges for a person or carer and these will vary by individual. The challenges that people and their carers face can be the things that we take for granted every day and can include; moving inside and outside of your home, washing, cooking and using the toilet. 

At TLC, we are committed to working with you to offer the right care and support at the times you need it so that life can still be enjoyable, promoting independence and well-being for every individual we care for. 

Total Living Care (TLC) offers a mixture of practical and emotional support for adults who need extra help to manage their lives and remain independent. Our care can support people who have a disability, long term illness or people with mental health problems. As well as caring for adults, TLC can offer parents or carers of family members who have a disability with help and support. This can take away some of the pressure and demands on a family member caring for a loved one on a full-time basis. 

Our disability carer will come into your home on a regular basis, on a full time or part time basis to give practical help with a variety of everyday tasks as well as assistance with complex needs if required. We support people to safely function in their own home, enabling them to live independently and with dignity. 


of our clients would recommend us


of our carers are DBS & reference checked

hours live-in home care

What can disability care include? 

Disability care can help with everyday tasks as well as assistance with complex needs like physio, medication, developing social interaction and help with incontinence if needed. Our specially trained carers are experienced and qualified to work with people living with disabilities and are employed to support people so they can remain living at home. A disability carer can assist for an hour or two a day or they can provide 24-hour care and this is dependent on every person’s individual needs. 

TLC carers can help with using the bathroom, lifting, washing, dressing, eating and much more. Our disability care is flexible and is adapted to every person’s needs. Our care plans are reviewed on a regular basis as we understand that a person’s needs can change regularly. Our TLC carers help individuals to lead a comfortable and fulfilling life in their own home. 

What is a Health Care Plan? 

A Health Care Plan is for individuals with a disability who may have funding support from their local council. A Health Care Plan is specific to an individual and is used where complex and/or techniques or procedures are required for their care or administration of medication. At TLC, we can help people with health care plans and we are committed to working with you to agree what is included. 

Disability Respite Care 

Our disability care doesn’t have to be in place on a regular basis and it can be used to provide family carers with time to rest and recharge their batteries. Caring for a loved one can be enormously rewarding but it can also be very demanding and exhausting both physically and mentally. 

Respite care replicates the care that a full-time carer provides, and this enables the carer to have to time to themselves and time and space to think about their own health and wellbeing. At TLC, we ensure the carer that comes in to give respite care gets to know the person they are caring for beforehand and understands their needs, daily routine and care plan. 

Disability Care Costs 

Dependent on the severity of a person’s disability and support needs there may be funding support available. Your doctor or consultant will be able to help you with this and they will normally arrange for your local social services department to carry out a health and social care assessment. They will come out to you in your home and evaluate the person with the disability needs and then formally write their recommendations for the care and support that is needed before it is reviewed to decide if funding can be offered. 

If a care budget is agreed then a regular payment is made to the person or their carer to enable them to pay for the care that they need. This allows you to choose the type of care you receive. 

Allowing someone with a disability to have an input into the level and type of care they receive is really important for their personal empowerment, dignity, independence, self-confidence and well- being. At TLC, we always focus on this when putting a care plan together to ensure the person being cared for is happy and is able to live a fulfilling life doing the things they love. 

Where we cover from our herefordshire base

At Total Living Care (TLC) we supply Disability Care to clients in England and Wales. We mostly cover the South West, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire and Powys in areas such as Ross-on-Wye, Monmouth, Brecon, Hereford and Bristol, however, our Disability Care services at Total Living Care are available for anyone who requires them nationwide. Our experienced carers will always give outstanding, effective support, ensuring that you or your loved one stay happy, safe and content living in their own home. If you, a friend or a family member may need Disability Care, do not hesitate to contact us on 01989 562000 and explain your or their needs. Our team will be at hand to help and provide the care you or they need. 

All our carers at TLC are DBS checked and their references are rigorously checked. We only employ carers who have the right qualifications and experience as well as having a positive and professional caring focus and outlook. We match our carers to the person they are caring for by looking at their qualifications, experience, personality and interests, as this makes the transition of a carer coming into your home much easier. 

Trusted and monitored by the CQC

Our Care Quality Commission ID is 1-1520389628 and we are rated as ‘Good’ in all areas. Answers to our regular client surveys reveal that 91% of our client evaluations are in the Excellent or Very Good categories. 

Home Care FAQs

What are the qualifications & regulations of your carers?

All of our carers are DBS checked and highly qualified and experienced. Total Living Care is also checked, registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (provider ID 1-1520389628) If you are still curious about our carers, feel free to call us on 01989 562000.

Who do your Live-in Carers work with?

Our live-in carers work for all different types of people that cannot stay in their own home without support. This includes the elderly, children, and people with disabilities or learning difficulties. Whatever the needs of our clients, our carers will always do their uppermost to fulfill their needs to ensure they can live in the way they would without care and can be happy in their own home. If you believe that you, a friendly or a family member requires care then please call us on 01989 562000.

How good is your carers knowledge on Dementia?

All of our carers have excellent knowledge about Dementia and are trained thoroughly on how to deal with and support people who suffer with Dementia. Each of our Dementia Care clients has their support needs acknowledged beforehand so that the care is as efficient and beneficial as possible. Each of our carers also has a great understanding of dementia symptoms and how to deal with them. With Dementia Care, the level and care and support can vary day by day, this is why it is important they are knowledgeable about Dementia so they can deal with different situations at different stages.

What is companionship care?

Companionship care is primarily aimed at our senior clients so that they can have emotional support and companion. It is common for elderly people to become lonely when their mobility is low and they may have a lot of friends or family members that have sadly passed away. Our carers help to keep our clients’ minds busy and to keep them company. Loneliness can make an impact very negatively on a person’s life and can lead to cognitive decline. This is why being accompanied is so important. Our Companionship Care services are all bespoke specifically for the client, so the care is as effective as possible.

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    Covid-19 Measures at Total Living Care

    At Total Living Care, we are used to dealing with viral outbreaks such as “normal” flu, and have long established infection control measures to protect our clients and staff from the spread of infection.
    These measures already include good handwashing regimes, the use of personal protective equipment (“PPE”), protocols for self-isolation and minimising social contact. We have business continuity plans to manage issues with supply chains and administrative functions.

    Current Measures

    The speed of transmission of Covid 19 has taken the World by surprise. Last year, we formed a collaborative group of all the major local care agencies to improve care in Ross on Wye (www.rosscaregroup.org) and manage the response to any challenges we would face. This group is now totally focussed on addressing the challenges raised by the Coronavirus. We meet daily to discuss the changes to the guidance and advice from the Government and Public Health England, and also the issues which are facing the healthcare sector more widely.

    We have taken the decision to close the offices. All our office staff are able to carry out their duties from home.
    If you require care for yourself or another person, please contact us using chat, telephone or email.
    Thank you for your help and understanding in these challenging times, but please be assured that the health and well-being of our clients and staff is our paramount concern at all times, particularly now.

    Yours sincerely,
    James Lloyd
    Total Living Care