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During a period in our lives when we require it most, Total Living Care offers you help in your home, camaraderie and companionship supplying Live-in Care Brecon and the surrounding areas. All the personal references of all our Carers are rigorously examined and all staff are DBS checked and registered. This method is audited through the Care Quality Commission. To find out more you can to speak to our “Live-in Care Support Team” on 01989 562000.

Live-in care enables you to live life as you choose. Through our conversations and getting to know each other better, we will match you with one of our Carers, who can provide care and attention specific to meet your needs. All within the comfort and ease of your own home.

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It is really difficult and stressful for almost all elderly men and women when they start to feel they are unable to manage by themselves anymore and the anxiety about having to leave their own home and move into a residential home. At Total Living Care, we know that moving into a residential care home usually takes them away from their friends and their local community, leaving them feeling they have lost themselves and their independence.

It’s also a tough time for family and friends as the difficulties of looking after an older loved one takes them away from their work and very own immediate family along with them having to be concerned that their loved one is ok 24 hours of the day. As a member of the family gets older you want to enjoy the time you have with them rather than preparing food, cleaning, washing, running errands and getting them to appointments. Often people don’t think about the choice of having a carer coming into their relative’s residence to help them a couple of hours a day, full time or actually living in with them to avoid them from going into a care home as they believe the price might be an excessive amount. This isn’t always the case and Total Living Care can help you establish this.

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Total Living Care is your local care agency. We provide home and live-in care services in Brecon and the surrounding counties. Have a look at our full range of services and see how we ensure they live well in their best environment… at home.

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Exactly What is Brecon Live-in Care Service?

Live-in care Brecon means living with you in your house and supporting your regular day-to-day activities and being on call at night are often the principal duties of our fully trained Carers. It is an alternative option to moving into a residential care home and enables you to maintain your independence and continue to live in the comfort and familiar environment of your house.

It may be as simple as helping you or doing chores around the house, assisting you with personal care or offering reassurance and support that may help you move around your house or outside activities.

In able to meet your every single need, the care worker will stay in your home with you, giving you the reassurance of a dependable companion available to assist you throughout the day and night. We have care workers that will live-in on a long-term basis as well as others who work a rota system.

If you have a long-term medical condition, live-in care is an ever more common alternative to moving into a residential care home. If we had the choice, the majority of us would choose, along with a little support, to stay in our own property. However, when this need arises, we often presume that a care home is the only option when support is required. A live-in carer will be trained to meet the changing requirements of their client, allowing them to carry on living in their own home, in the local community and amongst their friends.

Our practical knowledge tells us that having independence and choices is essential to keep up both health and happiness. Live-in care maintains that independence allows the choice to live in comfortable surroundings and enables you to enjoy life the way you wish. Using the continual help of a live-in care worker, residing at home is the ideal replacement for a residential care home

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Who Can our Total Living Care service help?

The services supplied by Total Living Care and the help and support from every single care worker is constructed around the requirements of our customer.

A “one size fits all” service does not provide the respite, part-time or full-time care that ensures the best live-in support. This is the reason we look to partner a carer, dependant on their experience, qualifications and training, their interests and hobbies, their life experiences, personality, hobbies and interests to match their client.

Total Living Care team members can help people living with:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dementia
  • Cancer
  • Terminal Conditions
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Mobility Issues
  • Strokes
  • Parkinson’s Disease

We can offer assistance with activities and personal care in a dignified manner, enabling you to maintain an independent and active as is possible, way of life. Irrespective of your age or medical conditions, we are able to support you to get the very best quality of life, in the familiar and comfortable surrounds of your own property.

Typically, What Activities Will Live-in Carers Do?

As previously mentioned, the service and support offered to each client is different and based on their requirements. A care assessment, along with your opinion and selections will finally decide how much care and the daily activities you need to be carried out. Many customers request our care workers to undertake duties such as:

  • Preparing and Cooking Meals
  • Running Errands( for example shopping for food, fetching a prescription)
  • House Cleaning and light household chores
  • Social Activities and Trips Out ( Hairdressers, Friends, Doctors)
  • Administration of Household Bills
  • Management and Administration of Medication
  • Sustaining Personal Hygiene and Bathing
  • Caring for Pets
  • Dressing and Undressing
  • Moving Around the house

Our Services

Live-In Care

Total Living Care provides 24-hour support with our dedicated live-in care and nursing staff.

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Disability Care

We can provide specialist support for those suffering with all types of disabilities.

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Companionship Care

We provide companionship for people experiencing social isolation and lonliness.

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Elderly Care

We are specialist in supporting both elderly and forever-young clients to live life well - at home.

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Respite Care

Do you need a break from the stress of caring for a family member? TLC provides respite support for carers like you.

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Dementia Care

If you are a loved one is suffering with any form of dementia, we can help regardless of what stage it is at.

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Who Might Brecon Live-in Care Suit?

Part-Time Live-In Care

Great for people that need a little support so that they can carry on living at home, as opposed to moving into a residential care home.

Full-Time Live-In Care

This might be important for people coping with long-term health concerns, for example, dementia, where the comfortable surroundings of home and continuity of their daily routine are reassuring and enhance the quality of daily life.

Short-Term or Respite Care

Respite live-in care provides full-time carers with the chance for downtime and to enjoy some breathing space, safe in the knowledge that their loved one or member of the family is in good hands and their requirements are being met.

24-hour live-in care in Brecon, from the comfort of our home.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Live-in Care

The main advantages of having a live-in care worker

  • Personalised and dedicated one-to-one care by a highly trained and experienced Care Worker, with a similar personality and outlook on life
  • Lets people enjoy their familiar surroundings, filled with their treasured possessions by remaining in their own home. A recent survey (executed by Consultas Care) documented that 97 % of those who replied would not want to move into a care home. While residential care can offer an invaluable service, most people prefer to stay in their own home if they can
  • Peace of mind for the client, their friends and neighbours and members of the family that experienced and fully trained hands are there to support. Live -in care decreases the feelings of being isolated as well as being lonely by providing companionship
  • A live-in care worker strongly encourages and supports the continued activities of interests and hobbies. Live-in care, living at home and the sense of continued independence has a positive effect on individual happiness, self-esteem, self-confidence and well-being
  • A live-in care worker can help care for a pet which could otherwise have to be rehoused
  • A live-in carer means that a family member doesn’t need to become a full-time care worker. Members of the family can be assured that their loved one is getting the very best care at the times they need it
  • If travel is still a possibility, then a full-time carer could accompany a client on a breakaway
  • Live-in carers will be matched based on expertise and experience which means they are specially qualified to manage and support Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, strokes, MS or those requiring palliative care
  • For couples, a live-in care worker can support both and enables couples to stay together. If one care worker supports both people, this has a financial advantage when compared with two sets of charges in a residential care home. This is particularly beneficial if one particular person has dementia or requires additional support that would mean living in separate residential care homes

The disadvantages of having a live-in care worker

  • Unless you are using a professional company such as Total Living Care, selecting the best care worker who is fully trained and aware of the requirements to provide excellent live-in care can be a struggle
  • A lot of people enjoy the social life of being in a residential care home, the relief of not having to manage their own house or obligation of managing their affairs. Letting go of some of their privacy, but enjoying the opportunity to be constantly in contact with others
  • Even though a live-in carer cost is often less than the price of a residential home, it’s not cheap to have care workers accessible 24-hours a day, even so, depending on eligibility, personal budgets and direct payments mean it is possible for care to be state funded
  • A live-in care worker will need a private room within the property
  • Not everyone is comfortable with having an unfamiliar person residing in the home or maybe they are used to living by themselves. Even though in our experience the care worker soon becomes a friend rather than a stranger, and the support and help soon outweigh the wish to live on your own, or the alternative of the residential home
  • Care workers must have breaks and holidays and spend time with their own families, unless of course going through a company that offers a completely managed service, such as Total Living Care, it can be a problem to locate short-term cover

The Best Way to Arrange 24-Hour Live-in Care Brecon

Firstly, put some thoughts into your preferences for the care worker

  • What experience or specialist training do they need?
  • Is there a personal preference for female or male care worker?
  • Do they need to drive?
  • Do they need to like cats or dogs?
  • What hobbies or likes and dislikes will make an excellent match up?

Total Living Care will match your preferences to supply a professional and high-quality, comfortable service that is unique to your requirements.

Total Living Care is a family-owned and family run company and caring for others runs through our entire organisation from our office support staff, management team as well as our care workers.

We are always happy to invest time on the telephone discussing if live-in care is right for you or your family member. If you would like to talk about your preferences and circumstances you can call our “Live-in Care Support Team” on 01989 562000. At Total Living Care, we believe we offer the very best quality Live-in Care in Brecon.