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Should you have an elderly friend or family member that now needs assistance in their day to day activities, requires full-time or live-in care to allow them to remain in their own home rather than go into a residential care residence then Total Living Care can really help with Elderly Care Thornbury.

We have been taking care of customers in Thornbury for more than twenty years and we specialise in helping elderly people to stay in their own home, retaining their independence with the confidence of understanding they’ve somebody there with them for companionship, as well as helping them with their day to day life. At Total Living Care, we make life easier for everyone we care for.

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It is really difficult and stressful for almost all elderly men and women when they start to feel they are unable to manage by themselves anymore and the anxiety about having to leave their own home and move into a residential home. At Total Living Care, we know that moving into a residential care home usually takes them away from their friends and their local community, leaving them feeling they have lost themselves and their independence.

It’s also a tough time for family and friends as the difficulties of looking after an older loved one takes them away from their work and very own immediate family along with them having to be concerned that their loved one is ok 24 hours of the day. As a member of the family gets older you want to enjoy the time you have with them rather than preparing food, cleaning, washing, running errands and getting them to appointments. Often people don’t think about the choice of having a carer coming into their relative’s residence to help them a couple of hours a day, full time or actually living in with them to avoid them from going into a care home as they believe the price might be an excessive amount. This isn’t always the case and Total Living Care can help you establish this.

At Total Living Care (TLC) we believe that living at home should be a choice for everyone.

We are a care agency providing home and live-in care services in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, and surrounding counties. With regular Domiciliary care or permanent home care through our Live-in care service,  we provide a one-stop service to help keep our clients remain and live well in their best environment… at home.

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What is Live-in Care for the Thornbury Community?

Elderly care is different from taking care of a person with medical requirements or a medical condition. The emphasis is supporting and encouraging them in their day-to-day life and routines, which makes it possible to hold onto their self-sufficiency, self-esteem, and pleasure in their life.

At TLC we understand that as we grow older some things predictably become somewhat more difficult, therefore, we provide remarkable and tailored elderly care to make life much easier for the whole family.

Our solutions are adapted to every client as we know that everybody’s needs and needs and wants to differ. We spend considerable time with close relatives as well as the client before the care commences to guarantee the careworker we provide has the same likes, dislikes, accreditations, and the training that’s needed.

Some clients take time to adjust to an individual being or living in their house supporting them and at Total Living Care, we understand this. Our Care Manager will visit each client to go over and assess their needs and then a care plan is put together. We work hard to be certain every client’s freedom is preserved whenever possible as we know that a carer coming into a client’s home and undertaking everything usually leads to them losing their self-sufficiency. Our Care Manager works together with you to make an introduction plan before a care worker begins, taking it step-by-step with introductions and gradual integration until every single client feels at ease and comfortable with their careworker within their home.

Our elderly care can be provided for particular hours throughout the day or night time, full-time day or night, 24-hour live-in care as well as respite care.

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Live-In Care for Couples or Partners

Our services are really a wonderful alternative if a couple or one of the couple requires extra support as it allows them to continue to be with each other as an alternative to one, or both of them going into a care home.

This is especially important if the treatment required for one of them differs and this would mean they might have to move into different care or residential homes.

We believe in keeping families together and as comfortable as possible. Get in touch with to discuss your specific situation and we will glady have a conversation and outline some of the next best steps and options for you and your loved ones.

What are our specialities?

At Total Living Care, we specialise in Elderly Care and we will also help men and women suffering from:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dementia
  • Cancer
  • Terminal Conditions
  • MS
  • Mobility Challenges
  • Strokes and recovery
  • Parkinson’s Disease

Our Services

Live-In Care

Total Living Care provides 24-hour support with our dedicated live-in care and nursing staff.

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Disability Care

We can provide specialist support for those suffering with all types of disabilities.

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Companionship Care

We provide companionship for people experiencing social isolation and lonliness.

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Elderly Care

We are specialist in supporting both elderly and forever-young clients to live life well - at home.

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Respite Care

Do you need a break from the stress of caring for a family member? TLC provides respite support for carers like you.

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Dementia Care

If you are a loved one is suffering with any form of dementia, we can help regardless of what stage it is at.

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Our Care Workers in Thornbury

Only the very best Carers are asked to join the Total Living Care family. Each Carer is expertly trained, warm, pleasant, personable, and eager to provide quality care in accordance with your requirements. Our carers provide friendship, care, and attention to each and every patient and this may include helping you to get dressed, washing, taking care of a pet, or maybe cooking your favourite meal, any help you need in your day-to-day life your carer can help you with.

Our carers are the most important factor to us supplying the excellent care and attention that we do. They’re thoroughly assessed and selected not simply for their knowledge, credentials and practical experience but equally for their approach to work and caring for other people.

As a company, we have frequent quality reviews carried out by our public sector clients and we’re registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Every one of the personal and work references of all of our Careworkers is meticulously examined, our employees are DBS checked and registered using the government’s Disclosure and Barring Service, and all of this is audited through the Care Quality Commission.

Our achievements emanate from us complementing you with the finest carer, someone that will confidently and appropriately meet your needs, likes, and dislikes, and who understands your preferred routine.

Total Living Care provides 24-hour live-in care throughout Thornbury, all from the comfort of our clients’ own homes.

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What are the Advantages of Elderly Care Thornbury?

  • Personalised and devoted one-to-one care from a highly experienced and trained carer, with a very similar character and outlook on life
  • It enables clients to continue to take pleasure from their accustomed surroundings and their home filled with their treasured possessions
  • A recent survey (completed by Consultas Care) documented that 97 % of those that responded would not want to move into a care home. While residential care can offer an invaluable service, many people prefer to stay in their very own home if they can
  • It provides reassurance for the client, their friends, neighbours and loved ones that knowledgeable carers are there to support when it is required
  • Elderly care decreases the feelings of being isolated and lonely by giving friendship
  • Elderly care in the home encourages and supports the continued recreation and interests of the client
  • Living at home and a feeling of ongoing self-sufficiency carries a positive impact on individuals happiness, self-esteem, self-confidence and well-being
  • An elderly carer will help care for a pet which may otherwise end up being rehomed
  • A family member or friend doesn’t need to become a full-time care worker and family members and friends can be assured their family member is getting the most beneficial health care at the times they need it
  • If travel is still a possibility, then an elderly carer can go along with a client on a trip
  • Elderly carers are matched based on their experience and expertise which means they have the skills and experience needed for each individual client
  • For couples, elderly care is capable of supporting both equally and allows partners to live together. If one care worker supports both individuals this has a financial advantage when compared with two sets of charges in a residential care home. This could be especially valuable if one has dementia or calls for extra support that would mean living in separate care homes suitable for them
  • Elderly care can often be less than the price of a residential residence and this depends upon the services and health care considered necessary. Determined by eligibility and personal budgets elderly care may be state funded and we can answer questions you may have on this subject
  • Total Living Care has a team of qualified and nurturing Careworkers who cover holidays or absence if the normal carer isn’t readily available

Why Choose Total Living Care for Elderly Care Thornbury?

  • Replies to our regular surveys indicate that 91% of our own client evaluations are in the Excellent or Very Good categories
  • 100% of our carers are DBS and reference checked – We have regular quality evaluations completed by our public sector clients and are registered with the Care Quality Commission
  • Our most current review and quality check with the Quality Care Commision rated us as ‘Good’ in all areas
  • Total Living Care (TLC) can provide 24-hour care to clients in their own homes throughout England and Wales
  • The ethos of delivering professional and compassionate Live-in Care solutions runs all through each of our teams, from Carers to Support Staff Members to our Admin Staff
  • We have frequent 121’s and care review meetings with our carers
  • We have frequent sessions together with you to examine your health care plan to check if any adjustments are needed and to make sure you are totally satisfied with your carer as well as the service we are delivering

Total Living Care is a family-owned company and we are proud of our excellent Elderly Care Solutions. If you would like to talk with us about Elderly Care Thornbury please call us on 01989 562000 and one of our team will be happy to answer questions you might have or can arrange face to face meeting with you to go over you or your loved one’s needs. Alternatively, you can send us an email here.

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